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Everybody Do the Locomotion

One of my favorite things in Utrecht, Netherlands was the Utrecht Centraal Station train board. I am not from a large city. I am not used to train stations or the ability to get somewhere and anywhere fast. But when I would go to the station, look up at that massive board with its blue background and white text hanging above the travelers in the hub of the Dutch rail system, I felt like no matter where I was going I had won the Golden Ticket.

Utrecht Centraal's Train Board - Image Author: Interficior

As I stared up, chills would run down my spine. The cities and towns in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany were all possibilities. These destinations led to other destinations further across Europe. The sense of freedom, of exhilaration, of the next great adventure being at my fingertips coursed through me.

Waiting for my train was no less thrilling. The rapid clicking of the tiles sounded like a cascading waterfall as the board updated. Anticipation mounted as you saw your train move up in the list. While you waited you could see what other location you could go to next time.

Though times were tough early on while I was in Utrecht, looking up at that board with all the possibilities it offered reminded me how grateful I was to have the opportunity to be there. I didn’t plan on wasting it because I didn’t know when or if there would be another chance. I have yet to find something that encapsulates the elation of travel more than that train board.

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