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When you grow up with a Capitol building like the picture below, though interesting in architecture, it leaves you wanting more. It just never screamed, “I’m a State Capitol! Come look at me!”

Albany, New York

It wasn’t until I saw the Wisconsin State Capitol on a college tour of the Midwest that my life was changed forever. This gorgeous building couldn’t deny its State Capitol-dom if it tried. This is what I always thought State Capitols should look like – dome-topped.

Madison, Wisconsin

After witnessing the great difference in styles between my home state of New York’s Capitol and my newly adopted state of Wisconsin’s Capitol, I became curious to know just how different each State’s Capitol buildings are. I started snapping photos of Capitol buildings all across the country. Some people want to travel to America’s different ballparks; I want to see each Capitol building.

Under my Postcards “tab” I have added a page with my ‘Capitol Travels.’ There you can take a look at what buildings I have made it to and what ones I have yet to visit. I’ll keep you posted when I hit my next Capitol building.


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