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Capitol Travels – Lansing, Michigan

Since taking the request from my friend to post my collection of US Capitols I have renewed my desire to travel the United States and visit more buildings. I asked for a trip for my birthday (trips on birthday and Christmas lists fall among the usuals in my family: socks, iTunes gift card, a trip) to Maine and/or Rhode Island in order to complete New England. I turned a potential trip to visit my grandfather in Virginia into a three Capitol tour.

The only trip to come to fruition thus far, however, was an unplanned tagalong with my parents to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the annual Art Fair and the University of Michigan Alumni Art Show to which my mother submitted a piece. Lansing is just an hour away so naturally I requested the detour.

It was Sunday so the building was closed. The same went for much of downtown Lansing. The streets were empty which proved helpful in picture taking, but it didn’t lend much excitement to the square. One block off the square, however, life did seem to exist on a two block stretch of road. But that was it.

As for the Capitol building itself, I liked it. Again, I’m a sucker for a dome top. My poor parents – this was their second time to Lansing. My mother had taken a picture of the building for me on their first trip. But as I’ve stated, that doesn’t count towards my quest. In person the building didn’t look like her picture. Seeing it in its wider setting definitely made a difference and added an element of surprise for me.

I don’t know if I’ll get to any other Capitols this summer. New England may go incomplete for now. And I don’t know that the trip south is going to happen either. So I am very happy I tagged along with my parents and was able to make some progress on my collection of Capitol Travels.


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