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Postcard of the Week – Dublin, Ireland

Children of Lir, Remembrance Garden, Dublin, Ireland

2 thoughts on “Postcard of the Week – Dublin, Ireland

    1. Sure thing! The stories vary.
      The stripped down version of the story is that King Lir and his wife had four children. One day his wife died. The King remarried – this time to his first wife’s sister. She was a very jealous woman. She also possessed magical powers. She became so jealous of the attention Lir paid to his children that one day she brought the four children down to the lake, said some magic words and turned the children into swans for 900 years.

      I don’t know if the statue represents their initial transformation or their final one as seen in a dream by the monk who was there when the spell broke. Once they returned to human form, he baptized them, and they soon perished. The monk dreamed he saw the swans rising from their grave to join their parents in heaven.

      According to wikipedia: [the statue] symbolises the rebirth of the Irish nation following 900 years of struggle for independence from England and, later, the United Kingdom, much as the swans were “reborn” following 900 years.

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