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Leaving Las Vegas

As the winter seems to be never ending here in the Northeast, I yearn to be in a warmer location. My mind decided to take a trip out West in an attempt to remember that the sun will shine, the snow will melt, and the temperatures will rise. The first thought that came to mind was what happened on our family vacation to Las Vegas and Arizona a few years ago as we were leaving Las Vegas and heading to Arizona via the Hoover Dam.

copyright Lindsay Hinkle 2010 Hoover Dam1

My dad was driving. I was in the front seat. My sister, mom, and brother-in-law were in the backseats of our conversion van. As we approached Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, the increase in traffic reflected the tourist interest in the area. We had plenty of time to debate whether or not we were going to get out and see the dam and/or take a tour. We came to a consensus of just driving across the dam. We were moving slow enough that it wouldn’t be a fly by.

As we drew closer, I changed my mind and decided I wanted to look down the height of the dam. The traffic was crawling. I thought I would have enough time to hop out, look down the dam, snap a photo, take in the moment, and hop back into the van.

I jumped out of the van, snapped my photos, briefly took in the moment, and turned to find the van further along the dam than I realized. The traffic had picked up speed. I felt a flash of panic. There wasn’t anywhere for them to pull over and let me get in. I’d have to jump in on the move – if I caught up with them.

The quick shot down the Dam
The quick shot down the Dam

I began to run along the Hoover Dam. With flip-flops on my feet and In-N-Out Burger filling my stomach, I didn’t think I would make it. I tried to quickly dodge around people, but they were not concerned with my situation and did not clear a direct path. They just stared at this girl running along the dam. Then I heard my sister yell out of the side door, which she had opened for me to hop in should I not make it up to the front seat, “Run, Lindsay, run!”

This increased my sense of panic. Again my sister yelled, “Run, Lindsay, run!” If I had a second gear to my running (in flip-flops), I shifted into it. They were about three-quarters of the way across the dam when I caught up to them and hopped into my seat in the front of the van. My feet were burning and I was out of breath.

Not 30 seconds later we were able to pull the van over (for free) at an overlook point on the Arizona side. We all got out of the car and as I began yelling at my sister for her “encouragement” on the dam, we both quickly started laughing at the ridiculousness of what had occurred. We didn’t stay long at the pull-off, but “the time I ran across the Hoover Dam” will be remembered in my family for a long time.


One thought on “Leaving Las Vegas

  1. I can just picture that moment. We were there a couple years ago with Dave and Tina on the motorcycles!! It was so hot and traffic was moving sooo slowww, but still spent sometime taking pictures and also debating the tour. We were all in agreement to get back to Vegas. A incredible as the Hoover Dam is, we were very impressed with the new bridges that were being built. I can firmly say, without a doubt, that you would never see me cruising over that bridge. It was so very high and just seemed to be floating out there between two peaks!!

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