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A Letter

Dear Readers, Followers, Likers, and Happen-Uponers:

Thank you for your support and interest over the past year and a half. I have greatly enjoyed sharing my study abroad and travel triumphs, pitfalls, and all that’s in-between. When I started out my main goal was to encourage those who ever wondered if they should go to actually take the leap. I don’t know if I have been successful, but I hope I have aided in one ticket or tank of gas being purchased.

What I didn’t expect was the impact writing this blog would have on me. As a proponent and believer in the benefits of journaling, self-reflection, and post-experience processing, writing this blog has allowed me to further reflect on my experiences but from a distance only gained through the passage of time.  As a result, this fresh look at my travels has yielded new lessons for me.

The reason I write this letter is because I feel it is time for something new. In the future you will see some changes to this blog (what they all are I am not quite sure yet). For the time being I plan to keep the current content easily accessible and will continue with the Postcards. Some items will be condensed as I make room for expansion. But fear not! Travel will remain at the heart of the blog.

I hope you stick around to see what’s in store. I am open to input as these changes begin to roll out. You can contact me via the blog or at

Thank you again,

Travel Lady Lindsay


2 thoughts on “A Letter

  1. I so enjoy your postings but this is the first I have finally signed in to comment.
    My friend and her husband are now in Melbourne, AU for 5 months while he works and she travels! We will be going to NZ/Aus in November.
    I hope you have read my ‘Trail of the Wild Flowers’ to live thru Lucy’s travels thru Great Britain over a century ago. Part II will include Europe, especially the Alps, and some US states.

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