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New Capitol Hit!

…way back in 2013. I made this trip during my three-year void of blogging. I did upload the images getting set to post then but my heart wasn’t in it. But now that I’ve renewed my quest to see all the state capitol buildings, I am ready to share about this one and this trip.

I had gone to visit a good friend, guest blogger Nicole, who lives in the greater Philadelphia area,for a long weekend. The trip was much needed and, of course, it was great to reconnect with my friend. I had been to Philly a couple of times with my family, but I was looking forward to seeing it with my friend’s then boyfriend, now husband Jay, a Philly boy, born and breed.

The trip south had a few delays, one being that President Obama was having press conferences/meet ups along the interstate. I did catch a glimpse of him, or someone who looked like him, standing at the podium at a stop just off an exit ramp. Having seen that made the waiting more bearable.

But once I arrived, the trip quickly turned into a Philly Foodie trip much to my delight. It started with having a huge plate of fries covered in both “Old Bay and garlic” flavor and cheese whiz. The next day was Benjamin Franklin day. While touristing (that’s now a word) downtown, we stopped at The Franklin Fountain to cool off with some ice cream (I recommend the Lightening Rod sundae). Then we headed towards Independence Hall and made our way to Square Burger in Franklin Square. That night I was introduced to water ice. The morning of my departure I learned about scrapple and pork roll, both of which I tried. Pork roll, okay; scrapple, well I’ve tried it.

After breakfast I hit the road. My first detour was Ikea. My second was Harrisburg to see the Capitol. It was a massive complex. The day was sweltering and I really wanted to go in the fountain. This was another of the few state capitol buildings so far that have deserved a shot of the back side as well.

Check out all the Capitols I’ve visited here.




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