Hi. My name is Lindsay and I started this blog in order to reach those women out there who are on the fence about participating in that study abroad program, taking that road trip across the country, interning at that company in the big city, or getting on that plane and traveling to another country. I’m not here to tell you “how to” seize these opportunities; I’m here to share with you what happened to this girl who thought she was too shy, too dependent, too scared but said Yes!

I was in the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy stretched out underneath the stars on my first night in town. As I was taking in my surroundings of night revelers, celebratory Torre inhabitants (it was the night after the Palio di Siena and Torre had not won for 44 years), and embracing couples dotting the shell-shaped piazza under the protection of the Torre del Mangia, I began to think about my travels over the years and how this was the first trip I had taken on my own. How had I, that shy, dependent, and scared girl, gotten to where I was?  I was dumbfounded. Thinking back I saw no giant leaps, no major personality changes, just a gradual building of sense of self and confidence to do what I needed to do for me that had brought me to that point.  Then I thought to myself that there must be other girls in the world similar to me but aren’t saying “Yes” to that first step – and they definitely need to be! That was the moment the seed was planted that the travel/cultural exchange/study abroad field was the direction I has headed and the idea behind this blog was born.