1. Favorite memories from July

Family camping in Vermont; long weekend in Cape Cod; a fun surprise outing exploring a new “backyard” area; attending the tale of Sweeney Todd in opera form

2. Today I…

Returned to work for the first full day after a lovely long weekend.

3. Favorite texture

I have favorite tactile sensations but a favorite texture? I am particular about textures in regards to foods; certain combinations appeal to me but others I really enjoy.

4. Text or phone call?

I hate the phone. It’s actually a running family joke about my dislike and not wanting to order pizza over the phone. I’m better in writing (where I can edit) than talking.

5. I wish…

That sometimes I could turn back time but knowing I can’t, I wish I could accept the reasons I want to go back.

6. Things I’ve found while traveling

We’re all different but the same.

7. What I’m grateful for today

I had a great day due to an unexpected invite that was most delightful, and one I wasn’t sure I was going to accept.

8. Yesterday I…

wallowed in self pity about feeling lost and unfocused and unsure of what I want to be when i grow up

9. Tomorrow I will…

probably do laundry and visit with my parents as they just returned from seeing family in Ohio while being there for my mom and aunt’s high school reunion.

10. New or used car?

Used. Unless you can pay in full.

11. Favorite summer meal

Arugula pesto rice noodles topped with grilled steak, roasted cherry tomatoes and pine nuts

12. When I’m in a hurry…

I tend to miss the finer details of a project and usually end up sending that email response too quickly.

13. How much sleep I need

I’m about an 8 hours person

14. Pen or pencil?


15. Where I long to travel next

I need a London fix.

16. What I want to learn about the world

That there are other people out there from other places who are “just like me”

17. Favorite sound from abroad

Mind the Gap

18. How to say hello in […]

Hoi! Hallo! – Nederlands

19. Describe a friend from abroad

I chose this particular friend because I met her while in the Netherlands and then we happened to be in London at the same time years later. She is from Mexico so she was always colder than the rest of us in our group. She bought her first big, puffy jacket and hated how puffy it was. She was a very curious person who would try anything once and I envied that in her. (My family will attest to my lack of curiosity). She was very friendly to everyone and she attracted a lot of attention from the boys. But she handled it better than any other beautiful person I knew. She was also very good at giving advice in regards to dealing with men, which was helpful and she provided a shoulder to lean on when things didn’t go as hoped.  She had her frustrations and worries, particularly while she was in London, but as hard as things got she never gave in, at least not that I saw. She was fun, a breath of fresh air and so very kind.

20. I’ve learned…

that I have a shit ton more to learn. But it’s my lack of curiosity that keeps me from learning more than I already am.

21. Holiday I’m looking forward to

I always look forward to the Christmas season. #believeinthemagicofchristmas

22. Favorite place to walk

Somewhere with views. If in nature – mountains and lakes or coastline.

23. Summer or winter?


24. Global is…

all encompassing, worldwide, unifying

25. Large plane or small plane?

Large plane usually means I’m going somewhere farther away. Small means a layover.

26. What I really want to eat today

Anything I don’t have to cook as I’ll be busy packing for my first vacation in a really long time.

27. What I miss from abroad

Walking more places and good public transportation

28. Favorite grocery store abroad

The Dunnes store at Stephen’s Shopping Centre in Dublin and only because their Cadbury chocolate section was the greatest thing I had ever seen. It seemed like it was 9 shelves high and half an aisle long. It was a thing of beauty. I was determined to try all the flavors as I had no idea there was more than the 4 flavors offered at home.

29. I was…

enjoying the fantastic views on the Marginal Way.

30. I am…

going to make some purchases at LL Bean in Freeport and finish up New England State Capitols in Augusta!

31. I will be…

really enjoying Maine and Acadia National Park.

Small Planet Studio‘s #GlobalYou365 Challenge was created as a “reflective challenge for global adventurers in re-entry” to aid travelers navigating the often choppy waters of returning home from abroad. This Challenge consists of a question a day and is a tool that can be used to help you create a lifestyle that accommodates both your abroad self and home self. Usually it is used for those coming home, but I sought to use the Challenge in reverse, as a great opportunity to reconnect with my traveling self to create a more global lifestyle today. You too can take the challenge by clicking here.