Capitol Travels

State Capitols are in order of their visiting. Enjoy!

I grew up just 45 minutes away from Albany. I have never toured the Capitol but would like to. Access to the building always seemed too difficult for a State Capitol.

Albany, New York

I fell in love with this building upon arrival in Madison. As my friends there can attest, I would stop for a moment whenever the building came into view to simply enjoy it. It is also very easily accessible welcoming the public in to take part in their government.

Madison, Wisconsin

A good friend of mine went to school at the University of Hartford. I did a drive by one day when I was visiting.

Hartford, Connecticut

My roommate and I decided to go on Spring Break to….the Twin Cities! BRR is right! But I did get to snap this drive-by shot of the Capitol in St. Paul.

St. Paul, Minnesota

The Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota shots were part of a  trip I was taking to visit my sister, who was living in Colorado at the time. The one week trip turned into three weeks.

Denver, Colorado
Salt Lake City, Utah
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Pierre, South Dakota

This picture was taken the same day I finally got to see (years later) the firehouse the cast members of The Real World: Boston lived in.

Boston, Massachusetts

My best friend was in Maine checking out a PA school. Naturally, I went up to help her out. On our way back to my home, we stopped in Concord, New Hampshire for a quick ‘jump out and snap’ of the Capitol.

Concord, New Hampshire

The same friend was doing a rotation in small town New Hampshire. After I visited, I headed over to visit my sister in Vermont and did a drive by of the Capitol in Montpelier.

Montpelier, Vermont

Then I moved to D.C. and took a couple dozen pictures of the Grandpappy of them all.

United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.

And on a visit from my dad, I made him drive me to Annapolis to get pictures of the two sides of that building.

Annapolis, Maryland
Side 1
Annapolis, Maryland
Side 2

On a trip to visit the extended fam in Ohio.

Columbus, Ohio

Indiana and Kentucky were taken on a work trip to Tennessee, whose Capitol I didn’t get to.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Frankfort, Kentucky

On a family trip that took us out to Vegas and down into Arizona.

Phoenix, Arizona

First time to Texas, and I chose the summer. Crazy! But it felt good. I wanted to see if the “Austin is the Madison of the South” comparison was true. On a number of points it was, but on many more it was its own awesome Austin.

Austin, Texas

Family Road Trip! Lansing by way of Ann Arbor.

Lansing, Michigan

Long weekend road trip to visit friend in Philadelphia.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  Front
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Back
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Concert in Atlantic City means a trip to Trenton on the way home!

Trenton, New Jersey with memorial plaza across street
Trenton, New Jersey with side view of dome



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