1. Favorite memories from May

Combo Mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day weekend with the family in Vermont having a lot of laughs; 3 year anniversary; visiting my friend in Connecticut of the weekend; first dinner of the season at Saltsman’s Restaurant; finally signing up for an attending a swim class.

2. My dream vacation

Unfortunately for me, my dream vacation would involve time travel. Must be all the Dr. Who I watch. But if I’m limited to the here and now I’d say my Europhilia would take over and I’d want a transcontinental trip that involved trains and mountains and seas and food.

3. Earliest travel memory

The smells at Yellowstone National Park

4. How I enjoy learning

I am definitely more of a visual learning. I prefer reading/seeing/drawing something and figure it out on my own before talk with others about the topic.

5. My favorite way to learn a language

Oh just learn to read and write it. I’m one of those people who have a tough time doing the speaking out loud.

6. Best re-entry advice I’ve gotten

I never got any.

7. What I did yesterday

I skipped swim class. My car went into the dealership for some long needed TLC.

8. Favorite take-out meal

This is tough. I would say my favorite abroad take-out meal was chicken döner kebab from a spot two blocks from my flat. I ate way too many but they were soooo good. At home, my favorite is wood-fired pizza from a favorite Italian restaurant about 20 minutes away.

9. Favorite roommates

I loved my London flatmates, minus one. Perhaps it was because they swooped in at the last second and saved my sanity.

10. What I’m grateful for

All my friends who are coming to my 35th birthday party.

11. Someone I’d love to meet

Not about those still with us, but I would have loved to have met Pops, my maternal grandfather. He passed when I was just one. I was given a couple of his things. One of those things I wrote about here and got a request so I wrote about it more here.

12. A color I never get tired of

I wear a lot of navy and dark blue so I guess that would be a color I never get tired of.

13. My first job

After the babysitting stuff, I worked in the payroll office of the local knitting mill.

14. Craziest form of transport I’ve been on

I haven’t used any form of transport that I’d consider crazy.

15. Food I’ve always disliked

I am most particular about tomatoes, how they are used and prepped. Fresh is best. No to: sun-dried, slices on pizza, tomato soup, many tomato sauces, some uses in soups (it’s the texture of the skin).

16. The store I most recently visited

Price Chopper, our local grocery store

17. What I’m wearing today

Today is my birthday!! As I baked in the morning, I wore my pajamas. For dinner I changed into a new dress I had recently purchased. It is a cotton/linen white and blue pinstriped dress. I love it. It is “French peasant” feeling from like Brigitte Bardot movies.

18. Most inspirational human

Maybe it’s because I feel a lack of inspiration as of late that I haven’t found or instantly have a person I default to. Definitely something to work on discovering.

19. What I enjoy reading

I am most drawn to mysteries, murder mysteries, historical fiction (with a mystery), something I call Brit-lit aka books that in the US are usually set in NYC or LA but because they are British, they are usually set in London, and are just popular fiction/girlie, and romance

20. Favorite song in another language

“Adeste Fidelis”

Je Moest Waarschijnlijk Gaan” by Brainpower because it was the first taste of Dutch hip hop

Sinterklaas Kapoentje” best known from Miracle on 34th Street

“Suerte”  – Shakira

Nací Orishas” – Orishas

21. How I define meaningful travel

It is person-centered. It isn’t defined by anyone other than the traveler.

22. Favorite travel movie

L’auberge espagnole (2002)

23. What I can smell from where I am

Nothing at the moment. Then again no one has heated anything up in the microwave in the break room yet.

24. Best beaches I’ve visited

I was a big seashell collector as a child so I’d probably have to go with whichever one gave me the best shells. I hate ones that are all stones.

25. Coolest aquatic activity I’ve done

I would have to say all the gymnastic floor routines in the shallow end I’ve performed over the years. They give me the greatest pleasure and joy to do.

26. Go-to dinner

Either kimchi fried rice or sausage, beans and greens depending upon having bacon or greens to determine which.

27. How travel has transformed me

This is like THE question. I think it probably has transformed me in ways more obvious to others like my parents than to me.

28. How I volunteer

Rarely, which is something that needs to change.

29. Something I’d never wear traveling

A shirt or sweatshirt with American sports teams on them.

30. Hot weather: love it or hate it?

Hate it. Especially where I live which can see muggy and humid days in the summer.

Small Planet Studio‘s #GlobalYou365 Challenge was created as a “reflective challenge for global adventurers in re-entry” to aid travelers navigating the often choppy waters of returning home from abroad. This Challenge consists of a question a day and is a tool that can be used to help you create a lifestyle that accommodates both your abroad self and home self. Usually it is used for those coming home, but I sought to use the Challenge in reverse, as a great opportunity to reconnect with my traveling self to create a more global lifestyle today. You too can take the challenge by clicking here.