1. Favorite memories from September

Friends had a Fall party outside around a fire pit with chili and cider (hot and cold), a BB pump air rifle with targets of all the presidential candidates logos on them. The weather this fall has been the best and most “fall-like” weather we’ve had in years.

2. Favorite fall meal

Does my family’s Apple Crisp, though not quite a crisp nor a cobbler, count?

3. What I find in my pockets

Just my phone to keep track of my steps for a wellness challenge at work

4. A must-have item in my purse/wallet

ID. I’m someone who even if I’m driving two blocks away must have my license on me.

5. How often I’ve misplaced my passport

Don’t think I have. I better check to see if it’s where I think it is…

6. What’s on my nightstand

Stack of books started and waiting to be started, box of tissues, alarm clock/light, two crocheted coaster for water glasses, a little petal dish that was my grandmothers that I put hairbands, bobby pins, and jewelry in, my glasses and a headlamp for reading.

7. What kind of phone I have


8. TV: yes or no

TV, a little too much

9. Favorite cooking spice

Red chili powder

10. Cilantro: yum or yuck?


11. My ideal weekend get-away

Easy to get to, geographically varied from hometown to feel sense of true escape, loosely scheduled, unexpected discoveries, great food options, being present.

12. Breakfast: yes or no

I like breakfast but never make time for it, especially during the work week.

13. Food I love but used to hate

Don’t know if I one of these truly. I’m more of foods I didn’t think I’d like that I’ve now tried and love: beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts.

14. Favorite way to celebrate my birthday

With a party and Pimms.

15. Favorite TV show from abroad

Doctor Who. I was living in London when the reboot started and I was hooked.

16. Favorite thing about fall

The colors and crisp air on a sunny day.

17. I’m looking forward to…

Dinner at my parents house tonight.

18. I’m feeling so…

Happy with this fall season. It has been wonderful and beautiful and great!

19. Favorite Halloween costume

For an office costume contest I was the company’s sucky server as portrayed by the Fantastic Four comic villain The PuppetMaster. 14910473_10100684775336901_1388480058050292732_n

Second would be being The Undertaker and Paul Bearer with my girlfriend. 14908293_10100685767528541_2195552404175511925_n

20. Favorite pizza topping


21. Favorite healthy snack


22. Favorite non-healthy snack

Anything chocolate. Rare occasion potato chips.

23. How I feel today

Tired after babysitting and doing a lot of fun things yesterday: train ride, yummy new diner, reading books, playing drums, and baking cookies.

24. Who I miss today

My friends in Wisconsin. Today is the due date for a friend of mine there and it got me thinking about all my friends who have had kids that I haven’t met yet.

25. If only…

Getting your haircut had magical powers to transform you into the person you want to be.

26. Halloween party: yes or no


27. Witch or vampire?


28: Landline or cell phone


29. Cat videos: yes or no


30. What I still miss about being abroad

The sense that new and great opportunities and experiences were right around the corner every day.

31. Me in one word

As my friend Kate would say – Layers.

Small Planet Studio‘s #GlobalYou365 Challenge was created as a “reflective challenge for global adventurers in re-entry” to aid travelers navigating the often choppy waters of returning home from abroad. This Challenge consists of a question a day and is a tool that can be used to help you create a lifestyle that accommodates both your abroad self and home self. Usually it is used for those coming home, but I sought to use the Challenge in reverse, as a great opportunity to reconnect with my traveling self to create a more global lifestyle today. You too can take the challenge by clicking here.